church council (pcc)

The Parochial Church Council or PCC, is the executive body of a Church of England parish. The PCC consists of the clergy and churchwardens, together with lay representatives from the parish electoral roll, elected by the annual parochial church meeting. The PCC meet to oversee the mission, and administration of the church, its assets and activities.


Registered Charity No. 1130983

PCC MEMBERSHIP        2019-20


Rev’d John Beckett               Chairman

Sylvia Barratt                          Churchwarden

Paul Stannard                        Churchwarden

Tony Barratt                           Treasurer (co-opted)

David Wilkinson                     Secretary & Deanery Synod Rep (ex officio)

The above also form the Standing and Finance Committee of the PCC.

Paul Barton                            Associate Minister (ex officio)

Ruth Beckett                          Reader (ex officio)                    

Julie Bouskill

Angela Boyd

David Burch                           Deanery Synod Rep (ex officio)

Sue Davies                            Deanery Synod Rep (ex officio)

Norman Doidge

Giles Fearnley

Jill McDowell

David Meek

Phil Miles

Sue Newman

Jack Perry

Marilyn Smee

Andrew Stilliard                      Deanery Synod Rep (ex officio)

Hilary Stilliard

Graeme Whitaker                  (co-opted)

Elaine Wilson

Suzy Wright

With the Annual Church Meeting so delayed (it would normally have happened last Sunday 19th April!)  the Standing Committee of the Church Council encourage you to read the reports through anyway please?   First, because some people may have more time to spare at present, and secondly because by the time we do manage to meet for an Annual Meeting, what happened in 2019 may seem a long time ago!  We hope you will find an encouraging and helpful read.

A.P.C.M  Report 2020

Group reports