service pattern

We’re living through an exciting chapter of God’s story here at St Matthias as we continue to grow in number – and in depth of faith.  We hear many encouraging stories of people encountering God in new ways, and growing in their love for Jesus.  Over 200 adults now worship at least monthly, which means we are close to a being a community of 300 adults plus around 70 children and young people. 

So we decided that - after many years of wrestling with the issue - we needed to move from one main 10.30am service for everyone to two main morning services (as well as the smaller 8am Prayer Book Communion). 

We added a new service ‘Growzone’ and moved Prayzone to an earlier time.  All of the existing 10.30am services in the church remained as they were, but we moved them all to an 11am start.  We have coffee now between 10.30 and 11am so that both main congregations can meet up, and people will still leave church around 12 – 12.15pm. 

The 9.30am stream has a more informal feel, and the 11am services a slightly more formal feel – allowing people who prefer either style to be able to worship more easily. 

Please see below for more information about the individual services.

Morning Worship

A more formal service, of about an hour, but with a relaxed feel.  We sing mainly hymns, and use the psalms and ‘canticles’ in a service booklet to guide us through. This takes place on the 4th Sunday every month at 11am in church.


Twice a month at 11am we share the bread and wine in ‘Holy Communion’ together using the contemporary ‘Common Worship’ words.  We have a mixture of songs and well known hymns.The service lasts around 75 minutes. 

We learn together from a bible passage, and there’s always an opportunity to have someone pray with you or for you about any matter that troubles you. 




Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash


We’ve found the very informal café style of ‘Breakfastzone’ especially helpful for families even with very young children and the early start with breakfast seems a good combination! 

We serve bacon butties, and toast from 9.15am, then, with breakfast still in front of us we have 40 minutes of songs, creative activity, learning from the bible and the opportunity to pray in the comfortable setting of the Hall.   

‘Breakfastzone’ is on the 1st Sunday of each month – but you might also try Growzone on 3rd Sundays and ‘Prayzone’ on 4th Sundays at 9.30am in the Hall too.  It has a similarly informal feel but without the breakfast


This informal service in the Hall at 9.30am on 4th Sundays is sometimes bursting at the seams!   It is attended by families and the older generation, with a congregation of approximately 100 with up to 30 children.  We have a singing group, accompanied by the piano, guitar and several instrumentalists and the service lasts about an hour.   

If you’ enjoy ‘Prayzone’, you might like to try 'Breakfastzone'on 1st Sundays at 9.30am, or 'Growzone'on 3rd Sundays.




‘Growzone’ is the latest in the informal family friendly worship services in the Hall. We’ll have café-style seating so that you can sit around a table with a coffee and snack.

If ‘Breakfastzone’ is around breakfast, and ‘Prayzone’ is about prayer and praise, ‘Growzone’ is about growth!

We added in age-related teaching groups for children and young people for about half of the service.

As they grow in understanding and faith, so can the adults with some bible teaching to get to learn together about what it means to follow Jesus.

The service will last just less than an hour, with the option of staying on for more coffee so we can meet up with people arriving for the 11.00am service that follows in the church.

United Family Service

It does what it says on the tin!  We gather to worship all ages together at 11am on second Sundays, with elements to enable young and old to engage with worship and pray and learn together what it means to follow Jesus as a Christian.  The service is just less than an hour, with refreshments before at 10.30am. 

Route 66

Youth Led Service is on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 5:30pm for around an hour. All are welcome, regardless of age, to enjoy a time of fun, worship, and praise led by the young people.  The service usually revolves around a game, a time of praise and worship with the Youth Worship Band, and a talk led by one of the youth group on a theme that they chose to explore.


Messy Church

As we cannot meet on the 3rd Tuesday each month after school, we have nevertheless been organising something a little different! Sometimes we have sent out to children themed activity packs on a well known Bible story and on other Tuesdays, Messy Church has been on-line with stories, crafts, songs, prayers and even a Birthday party!

If you wish to included  

 please contact the Church office on 01803 214175